I support female business owners, managers and employees 
 in finding strength and courage when facing difficult decisions and changes in their life, career and business.

Female Bosses

Today is my birthday and as my son is having a great time at the nursery – I am having few hours to relax, work and ask myself what’s next waiting for me in my business. 

When I ask those deep questions I try to listen to encrypted answers given by my instincts. And what I am hearing today is another question in return: 

Why am I the best coach for female bosses? Why you Karo?! And this time the answer is easy: because I am one of you.

I come to you not only with knowledge but with enormous experience of building businesses, looking for balance and peace within me, making scary decisions, fighting my limiting beliefs, bringing together committed motherhood and growing career, finding opportunity and purpose in scary life changes.

  • If you are just starting your business after a job loss – I have been there. 
  • If you lost your vision  – I have lost it too but then found it again.
  • If you want to keep developing your skills and strengths – I have got this urge too.
  • If your business seems to lose its purpose – I have transformed mine hundreds of times to re-discover its purpose.
  • If you experience fear of the unknown and overwhelming responsibility for making the right decisions – I have learned to make calm decisions and act despite my fears.
  • If you believe that self-development can support you, your business and your employees – I couldn’t agree more, as I commit every free minute to my personal and business growth. 

I know for a fact that all amazing female bosses are daily:

  • Making major decisions
  • Facing big changes
  • Listening to their intuition
  • Acting despite limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
  • Investing in self-development
  • Investing in their employees

Therefore I invite you today to act despite circumstances, worries or unknown future. 

I took matters into my own hands and I want to share this experience with you. 

Come as you are

or email me directly info [at] karotomaszewska.com

  • 4- 6 sessions, are a coaching exploration – an opening coaching process that is designed to help you grasp the patterns and ideas that lead your life and career. You will get a chance to put a simple plan into action and find out the next steps that you wish to take. 

from £400.00

  • 8 – 12 sessions are a development process based on allowing you to dig deep, become aware of and understand your limits, life patterns and true desires. The developed self-awareness contributes to implementing changes into your life and career and changing negative patterns and scenarios. You will be in control of your needs and decisions. 

from £760.00

  • 6 months + is a transformation process based on a long cooperation that takes you from making sense of your life and career, through noticing the opportunities, drawing your advanced vision, designing and achieving your desired outcome.  You get a chance to learn about yourself, draw conclusions, implement changes, plan and make confident decisions about the future of your life and career. In addition, you can also get my support in project managing your business plans.

from £2000.00

or email me directly info [@] karotomaszewska.com

We should definitely work together if you (or your team) are…

Struggling with: time management, limiting beliefs, fear of public speaking, motivation, self-esteem, decision making, problem-solving, setting goals, healthy relationships, major life and career changes (Exit Coaching)...
Wanting to improve: performance, organisational skills, project management, life-work balance, confidence, understanding own needs and strengths...
Wanting to change: career or focus, approach to work-related matters, negative thoughts....
Striving to: grow passion and purpose, make an impact, find a successful career, retrieve work/life balance, recognise and follow your true needs, make decisions that benefit your higher purpose...

or email me directly info [@] karotomaszewska.com

I am a certified career coach, business coach CDI Registered Career Development Professional (RCDP) and project manager. I support my clients in facing changes in their life, careers and business’ through active coaching and support in business project management.

 I’ve graduated with Level 7 PG Career Coaching at the University of East London & received a Master’s degree at the University of Wroclaw. I am also a photographer, writer, life partner, daughter, sister, friend, woman… and last but not least mother!

My education and practical experience in the fields of Career Coaching & Project Management in Poland and the UK include over 12 years of gathering valuable knowledge, making major career changes, running my own business and managing various projects.  During my career journey, I walked through paths of events & project management, administration, advertising & marketing, banking, photography, CEO of foundation… to name a few!

More than once, I have faced a terrifying change in both my private life and career and each time it has turned out to be an extremely valuable learning and positive experience.  Today, as a mother, again I have to adapt my life and business to the ever-changing reality.

Find out more about me.

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