I support female business owners, managers and employees 
 in finding strength and courage when facing difficult decisions and changes in their life, career and business.


individual coaching for business owners, management & employees. 

My client-centred approach* puts an emphasis on the client as an expert in all fields of their life. My role is to help to unlock the information, potential and right answers already existing within them. That's why my clients receive my full support rather than direct advise. *Carl Roger's person-centred therapy theory is based on his belief that every human being strives for and has the capacity to fulfill their own potential*

We should definitely work together if you (or your team) are…

Struggling with:
time management, limiting beliefs, fear of public speaking, motivation, self-esteem, decision making, problem-solving, setting goals, healthy relationships, major life and career changes (Exit Coaching).
Wanting to improve:
performance, organisational skills, project management, life-work balance, confidence, understanding own needs and strengths.
Wanting to change:
career or focus, approach to work-related matters, negative thoughts.
Striving to:
grow passion and purpose, make an impact, find a successful career, retrieve work/life balance, recognise and follow your true needs, make decisions that benefit your higher purpose...

If you would like to find out more about what, according to Forbes, coaching really is and how it can improve your business 

– click on this PDF presentation. 

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