I support female business owners, managers and employees 
 in finding strength and courage when facing difficult decisions and changes in their life, career and business.


For your convenience, I have designed 3 coaching packages…  but maybe you would rather scrap packages and discuss your own coaching plan?!  

Just email me to do so at info@karotomaszewska.com or book free consultations by clicking below.

1. Let’s Catch up

4 x 30-minute sessions, to discuss dilemmas, identify your needs and goals, find your true strengths and work path you want to pursue the most., make the first step towards your goal.

2. Let’s take a walk

6 x 45 minute sessions, to identify your goal, find balance between what you love, desire and daily responsibilities, prioritise and plan, make a significant change in your life, fight your negative thoughts, strangling assumptions and beliefs.
What is my career path? Is my work my true passion? What can I do to find the dream job? Am I designed for my own business? What are my strengths? How am I unique? Am I worth it? – Find answers to those questions and make a significant change of your career life and improve your home life.

3. The Life Changer

9 and more x 45 minute sessions, to transform your life, reach your goals and deepest dreams, find a balance between your body and spirit, your home and career life, challenge all strangling beliefs, begin a journey of self-development and significant growth. Transform your career, develop a new business and ideas, get better paid job and do what you love. Transform your beliefs about yourself, identify and use your force. Begin a journey to improved life and career where dreams come true and goals are achieved with ease and work-life balance. Do what you love, exactly how you want it. Because, why not?!

*** Personally tailored sessions

Exploration and transformation tailored to your own needs, by combining different coaching methods, meditation, motivational techniques, discovering new strengths and goals.​

*** Career Construction Interview

Based on Mark Savickas Life Design career methodology - make sense of your story so far and your current career dilemma basing on your past. 2 hours session + 45 min following session & video recording. 

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