Negative emotions, anxiety, stress and how I deal with them.

  There are emotions that show up only at the special occasions. We may even think that if we haven’t felt something for a long time it definitely faded away and the problem is gone… but the thing is… they come back unexpectedly! They awake in us fresh and strong as new.  Sadness, anxiety, panic attacks, tears and stress may occur only now and then if special circumstances arise. The goal is to know what kind of situations bring them back. However, the key is to not to avoid those situations but to learn how to deal with them.  By exploring our emotions, we can figure out what sort of help we need to get through the hard time.  We can learn and apply relaxing techniques, we can learn to breath or meditate, we can visualise the relaxing of the sensations inside our bodies. Last but not least – we can understand why we feel like this or if we are not at this stage yet – we can allow ourselves to feel whatever we feel, we can accept that our minds are going through the difficult situation and with love and compassion accompany ourselves through times like this.  Because, why myself shouldn’t be the best friend of mine and give myself time and understanding the mind and body need? Why not to be the best example for myself and cheer myself up with kind smile and affirmative thoughts? 
  • If you are going through similar things and looking for options and methods, look into: 
  • Pranayama – a practice of breathing – scientists say that panic attacks are impossible while breathing deep and slow! 
  • Meditation – as calmness of body and mind brings peace. 
  • Mindfulness – as by practice of being here at the very moment gives opportunity to learn how to be observant and objective. 
  • Visualisations and affirmations – as practice of a positive thought is extremely powerful. 
  • Coaching – as focusing on your goals, future and actions helps you to shake off strangling past and thoughts and teaches how to move on. 
Here you can find my audio visualisation (at the moment only in Polish). Click here Love, Karo
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