10 things a career & business coach can support you with

When you do something for a long time, think, learn and talk about it every day – explaining it to other people becomes challenging. Not because you are lacking the knowledge or relevant definitions but because everything you know feels so evident, that you think everyone else already knows that too… That’s why to this day my closest friends are not entirely sure what being a coach means! Therefore, I decided that it could be useful to create a clear list of 10 things that a career and business coach like myself can do for you.

And by ‘’you’’ I mean womenmothersindividual employees, business owners or managers wishing to support themselves and their teams in personal growth or business performance. Whether you are currently active in work or were recently made redundant and want to grab this opportunity to transform your career and transition into someone you always wanted to be

If this article leaves you with more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. You will find all details at the end of it.

Without further ado…

1. I help set clear and achievable goals. There is a long way from “I wish this would happen ” to “I achieved my goal”. Whether you are an individual employee, business owner or manager it is important for all your goals to be realistic, set in time and if need be – divided into smaller ones. I help you find a true goal that drives your career and business, the goal that lives beneath other, clearer and easier goals. We make sure it is ambitious but not overwhelming.

2. I am present all the way through exciting beginnings, rocky middles and successful ends. Whether it is holding your hand every step of the way or checking in with you from time to time – I am here to meet your needs and design a coaching process that will serve you and your career.

3. I motivate and challenge. You might be having a bad day and need some positive support or require a strong, challenging kick – that’s what I am for too! 

4. I help face negative thoughts. There are little angry ghosts that live inside us, they whisper to our ears negative things about our worth, capabilities, about what could or could not be possible for our futures. I am here to help you notice them, create counterarguments and act confidently despite them.

5. I pick up on your core beliefs and help you decide whether they support or stop you from growing. Everyone has core beliefs, inherited or learned along the way. Usually, we are not aware of them and live by their guidance unconsciously. Very often they narrow our spectrum of vision, stop from thinking outside of the box, lie to us and refrain from acting. While carefully listening to everything you say to me, I pick up on those beliefs and repeat them back so you can hear them and decide whether they are valid or not. In one word – I help you confront your acquired beliefs with your inner guidance and value system.

6. I support you in making big decisions and implementing major changes. Making a major decision, taking a risk and responsibility is not easy, especially when you are lost, confused, under pressure and have no idea what should do next. I help you to develop self-awareness so you can listen to your needs, make calm decisions and stay true to yourself while noticing factors that may be blocking you from acting and growing. These skills are especially useful if you want to achieve a work-life balancebring your career and motherhood together or make decisions that imply major changes and impact other people around you while fully trusting your judgment.

7. I encourage you to use your intuition. Intuition uses reason, however, the process is very fast, automatic and unconscious. It is extremely useful to be able to read what your body and emotions tell you. They send you valuable but encrypted messages, I give you tools to hack them.

8. I help you realise your master skills and strengths and implement them into your work for better performance and personal happiness. We are most happy at work when able to use our master skills and strengths, that’s why it is very important to be aware of what you are best in or what you love doing most to be able to choose a career or make business choices that will endorse and utilize them.

9. I help you create a narrative of your life and career, design your vision and achieve it. Another advantage of being self-aware is to be able to analyse and understand our stories and give them our own narratives. Stories of our lives and careers are impacted by experiences and people we meet from the early years of our existence. Making sense of those experiences helps us understand why do we make particular choices, what influences our decisions, what life lessons we’ve been given, what scenarios are we reliving, what are our behavioural patterns and what we can do in the future to design and achieve different and better outcomes

10. I believe in you. I do not give adviceMy client-centred approach (based on Carl Roger’s person-centred therapy techniques) puts an emphasis on the client as an expert in all fields of their life. My role is to help to unlock the information, your potential and the right answers already existing within you. Because I believe in you!

I hope you found the above list useful, please let me know if you have any questions or would like to find out how coaching can support the development of your career or organisation. You can do so by emailing me directly or booking consultations via my calendar.



Let’s stay in touch! 🙂

All the best!


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